Cheyenne McLarson
Cheyenne McLarson S3
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Season 1)
17 (Season 2)
18 (Season 3)
Hair Color: Chestnut Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: March 9
Height: 5'8"
Aliases: Chey
Family & Friends
Family: Delia Foster (Mother), Christian McLarson (Father), Elsa McLarson (Little Sister)
Relationships: Daniel Mick
Ari Washington
(boyfriend; in love with)
Santana Lopez
Clyde Andrews (ex-boyfriend, still has feelings)
Sexuality: Straight
Friends: Anna Clarkson
Addison Lee
Elizabeth Moore
Daniel Mick
Lily Stevens
Claira Kingston
Charlie Holden
Dougie Eastwood
Shawn Dawson
Levi Lashane
Enemies: Carina Maraj
Ruby Becker
Jacob Ben Israel
The Jocks
Other Information
Interests: Music, Writing
Clique: Glee Club
Education: William McKinley High School
Talent: Singing
Series Information
First appearance: Triangle Of Love
Portrayer: Mischa Barton
Cheyenne Alice McLarson is a main character on Glee: The New Years. She is known for having the edgiest personality on the show and most likely the best personality of the season, following her former nemesis, Claira Kingston. Cheyenne dated Daniel Mick, until he came out as gay and started dating A.J. Riley. She was single, after she met Ari Washington, and they began dating before. She joined New Directions, but quit later on in season 2 and formed The McKinley Rebels.


A quiet girl, Cheyenne has a large voice hidden behind her shyness. Until she joined glee club, Cheyenne was shy, didn't have many friends, and was afraid to be herself. She is a person of extreme tastes, preferring the crazy clothing, and hair colors, but she has been limited, due to McKinley's bullies. Cheyenne is known for being a fighter, according to to Bad Influence, when she physically attacks Claira Kingston, the antagonist of the fanfic. Now, she's known for being the H.B.I.C.


Season OneEdit

Triangle Of LoveEdit

In this episode, Cheyenne is introduced, when Anna hears her humming, she believes that she has a bigger voice and convinces her to join New Directions. However, at first, she was scared that she would be rejected. When she auditioned, by performing Haireveryone loved her performance. Meanwhile, realizing that Daniel was feeling left out due to being rejected by Rick over A.J., Cheyenne decided to give out a helping hand as New Directions performed Parachute.

High School Of HorrorsEdit

Cheyenne, in the beginning of the episode, performs Little Shop Of Horrors alongside Anna and Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Cheyenne feels discouraged when New Directions have to perform for the Halloween event at McKinley High. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Cheyenne and Daniel have began dating for a course of two weeks, although Cheyenne felt surprised, feeling she would have been rejected. Cheyenne, alongside Daniel, are given slushie facials.

At the halloween party, Cheyenne dresses up as Katy Perry, and she performs Calling All The Monsters with the girls of New Directions, and she performs E.T. with Daniel. 

Girls Will Be BoysEdit

Cheyenne, along with the girls, are fed up with the boys' immature antics.

Bad InfluenceEdit

Cheyenne believes that Daniel is cheating on her, and acting weird towards her, and Claira believes that she's an easy target and tries to be her "friend", but ever since, Cheyenne became more abominable, as she and Daniel's ex, Lily, got into many wrangles. Daniel suddenly called her a bitch after, telling her that Claira's the reason why she's being so mean, and Cheyenne decides to break free of her, but it turns to a huge altercation causing them to get suspended.


Cheyenne returns from her suspension, but gets heated when Lily joins New Directions. However, by the end, she decides to reconcile with Lily.


Cheyenne is also known to be Santana Lopez's best friend, and also lives in Lima Heights, just like Santana, she invites her to Chuck's party and also kisses her during a game of Spin The Bottle.


Cheyenne tries to get a solo for Regionals, but Mr. Schuester declines it because he only wanted group numbers for the setlist

Spread The LoveEdit

When Cheyenne tries to support Daniel after his coming out, she decides to stand up for homosexuals and give a student rally, but when Claira tries to ruin it, she and Claira get into another fight, causing them to go to detention.


In this episode, it focuses on Cheyenne, Claira and Julian being sent to detention along with a few new others. Cheyenne gets into multiple arguments with Azimio, and a guy named Ari defends Cheyenne, she thanks him for his defense, but then it turns into a huge debate about girls and boys later on. Cheyenne and Ari bond and it seems as if she likes him.


Cheyenne ends her feud with Claira when she decides to change her ways and return back to New Directions

Radio City NightsEdit

Cheyenne sings a solo for Nationals with New Directions.

Season TwoEdit

N.D. HospitalityEdit

Cheyenne threatens to hurt Jacob when he calls her a blonde. Meanwhile, she starts to judge the new girl, Carina, when giving doubting looks during her audition. But as she performs, Cheyenne starts to think that she's good.

The Pink Friday ExperienceEdit

Marking a big episode for Cheyenne, she dresses up as Nicki Minaj to persuade Mr. Schuester to allow a tribute to her. However, he refuses and this causes Cheyenne to anything she can to allow this. Meanwhile, Cheyenne reunites with Ari, and he supports her when she claims to make a Nicki Minaj protest.

Giving a long lecture to Mr. Schuester about allowing Nicki Minaj, she, Elizabeth, Charlie, and Carina all make signs for revenge. Later on, when Mr. Schuester gives them the chance, she performs Check It Out with New Directions.




Solos (in a Group Number):Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Little Shop Of Horrors High School of Horrors Anna and Elizabeth
Calling All The Monsters Addison, Anna, Claira, and Elizabeth
Like A Boy/Do It Like A Dude Girls Will Be Boys Daniel and Elizabeth
He's a Rebel Fools in Love Addison, Claira, and Elizabeth
Feliz Navidad Christmas Charity A.J.DanielRick, and Santana
The Twelve Days of Christmas A.J., Addison, ChanelCharlie, Chuck, Claira, Elizabeth, Shawn, and Will
Magic/What The Hell Bad Influence Charlie, Daniel, and Shawn
The New Girl In Town Ultra-Clutch Addison and Lily
When I Think Of You School Daze Addison and Lily
Cheers (Drink To That)/Headlines Weekend A.J., Artie, and Santana
Detention Confessions Detention Ari, Azimio, Callum, Claira, Julian, and Mia
'We Run This Love/War Addison, Dougie, Jeremy, Judi, and Karin
Fighter/Survivor A.J., Addison, Daniel, and Dougie

Season Two:Edit

  1. Your Love (The Pink Friday Experience)
  2. Hard (Girl Power)
  3. Understand (Our Time Now)
  4. Spanish Guitar (Our Time Now)

Season Three:Edit

  1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (The Devil's Advocate)
  2. I Can't Do It Alone (Taking the Lead)
  3. Better than Revenge (Hardly Breathing)

Solos (In A Duet):Edit

Season One:Edit

  1. E.T. (Daniel) (High School of Horrors)
  2. Rock Star (Addison) (Girls Will Be Boys)
  3. Beautiful Liar (Claira) (Bad Influence)

Season Two:Edit

  1. Stupid Hoe (Carina) (The Birthday Crashers)
  2. Commander (Carina) (Our Time Now)

Season Three:Edit

  1. Take A Hint (Candace) (Recruit/Pursuit)
  2. Rehab (Clyde) (The Devil's Advocate)



Season One
Song Episode Solos with
I'll Be There For You N.D. Hospitality Chuck, Shawn, and Lily
Check It Out The Pink Friday Experience Carina and Charlie
Runaway Love Runaway Love Chuck
Monster Monster Charlie and Elizabeth
Crash Your Party The Birthday Crashers Charlie and Elizabeth
Mercy/Nowhere To Run Rock vs. R&B Charlie and Elizabeth
One Night Only Center Stage Of Attention Elizabeth and Ruby
Put Your Graffiti On Me Hero Charlie, Elizabeth, and Ruby
Too Many Fish Carina and Charlie
It's All Over The Duets: Uncut Exclusive Version Carina, Chuck, Daniel, GunnerLeviShannon, and Will
Where Have You Been California's Most Wanted Charlie and Elizabeth
Starships A.J., Addison, Alex, Chuck, Claira, DenzilDrew, Elizabeth, Shannon,