Now or Never
Season One, Episode Eight
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Now or Never is the eighth episode of the first season of ClevanOTP's fanfiction: Glee: The New Years.


A.J. was walking in the hallway, as if he was walking in slow motion.

"You know, I think I have everything I wanted, a boyfriend, a chance to show my talent and I even befriended Daniel, what could be more better than this? The only thing I'm worried about is Sectionals this week, I have a fear of losing, I have a fear that New Directions will turn out to be losers, I guess we'd have to deal with that, we have to bring it, really have to bring it,"

"Anyway, I'm really starting to like everyone in Glee Club, almost everyone, but I'm glad that we finally got to know each other a little more, I'm kind of glad I got to know Rick a bit more."</small></small></small></small>

He spots his mother walking to him in the school hall.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" A.J. smiled.

"I have great news, honey, really great news!" A.J's mom said.

"What's the news!" A.J. said.

"We're moving to California!" his mom said.

A.J. was in shock, he dropped his school supplies and his binder on the ground.</small>


"I'm sorry, William, I'm afraid I'd have to tell you that if you do not have 2 members in Glee club to fill in, in 2 days, you can't go to Sectionals,"

"Figgins, we are trying, and I mean, really really trying to fill in 2 more members, it's just hard," Mr. Schuester said.

Figgins sighed, "There's nothing else I can say, I'm sorry,"

Mr. Schuester put his hands on his face in depression. "You know what, fine, fine, OK."

He walked out.

"You're quitting Glee Club?!" Rick said.

"We were just preparing for Sectionals!" Cheyenne said.

"I know, I never expected to, I really even hate to leave you guys,"

"Well, why do you have to leave?" Anna said.

"I'm moving to California," A.J. said.

Rick looked down, Daniel looked down also. Everyone was shocked with the news

"Great, so that means we're down to 9 members, again," Chuck said.

Mr. Schuester was even more depressed than before after Chuck said that.

"We're in hell, big hell," Charlie said.

"I honestly, have to agree with Charlie, we are at risk, at risk in where we might not even make it to Sectionals,"

"Wait what? What do you mean?" Anna said.

"Well, unfortunately, due to Julian's departure from Glee, and we're only down to 9 members again, we might not make it, as if we have to find more members in 2 days." Mr. Schuester said.

"If it wasn't for Julian, we would've still made it," Elizabeth said.

"That's not true, because we'd still be off one member," Daniel said.

"Exactly," Charlie said.

"This isn't fair at all," Cheyenne said.

"I know it's not fair guys, but we'll have to deal with it,"

"Have you even thought of trying to make it up to Figgins?" Chanel said.

"I haven't and I don't know if I can,"

"Remember when you told us last year, that if you wanted to blackmail him, get a vampire or something like that?" Cheyenne said.

Mr. Schuester thought of what she said, and he remembered. "Tina Cohen-Chang!"

"Who's that?" Elizabeth said.

"She was a former member from New Directions, right, Mr. Schue?" Chuck said.

"Right, I have the perfect idea!"

Principal Figgins was walking to his car at night after leaving the school for a meeting, at 5pm. Until he heard something, he thought he was just paranoid, but then, the noise got closer, and he turned around and didn't see anything. He didn't know what was wrong with him. The noise was getting closer, he turned around and saw Tina dressed in her vampire costume. He gasped and dropped his paperwork.

"So, you're refusing to let New Directions go to Sectionals this year?" Tina said, getting closer to Figgins

Figgins started to stutter, "N-n-n-n-n-no, that's not true!" "Of course it is, so here's the plan. My fangs are really really long, and do you know what I could do with these fangs?"

"Uh-uh-uh, eat people,"

"NO!, even better, I can suck your blood, and make blood soup, do you want to know what's in the blood soup?"

"No," Figgins said.

"Good, so if you don't let New Directions go to Sectionals this week, you will be tasting your own hot blood in a bowl! Now do you WANT that to happen?"

"No, no, no, please!" Figgins was completely scared.

"Good, now I have to go, but I'll be back," Tina started to viciously laugh, "Hahahahaa" and left

Principal Figgins was still afraid.


"Tina, you are a genius!" Mr. Schuester said.

Everyone clapped for her, and Tina smiled, when they were in the choir room. "Thank you guys," Tina smiled.

"How did you come up with that?" Cheyenne said.

"Ah, it was just a trick I did before when I was here," Tina said.

"That was really smart, Tina, I wish I would have done that!" Cheyenne said

Tina smiled, and Mr. Schuester smiled at her.

At Jane Addams Academy, Aphasia and Judi, sit in Grace Hitchens' office.

"Now, tell me what happened, ya'll" Mrs. Hitchens said.

"She just attacked me and pulled my hair like this for no reason!" Aphasia showed her hair, and how wrecked it looked,

"Now, Judi, why would you do that?" Ms. Hitchens said.

"Because she was messing with my voodoo doll!" Judi said very loud.

"Whateva, I didn't play with that trashy ragdoll," Aphasia yelled out.

"Judi, you're in high school, why are you playing with dolls?" Mrs. Hitchens said.

"Because I'm Creole!" Judi said.

Grace snickered. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Look, I don't want the principal at this school to suspend you guys, Sectionals are coming up and we have to prepare,"

Mr. Schuester knocked on the door. Grace remembered who he was.

"Come on in, Judi, Aphasia, you guys better get it together, go back to class,"

Judi and Aphasia left, Judi went to Mr. Schuester and put her voodoo doll in her face, "Blauhh bluahh bluee bleghhh" and walked away.

Mr. Schuester felt awkward around her. </small>

"Don't mind her, WIll Schuester, right?" Grace said.

"Yeah, so I see that my Glee Club is competiting against yours again," Will said.

"Yeah, we are, last time you guys were good, that's why I turned myself in after cheating," Grace said.

"I understand, it was all Sue's idea,"

"She's not gonna do that again, is she?" Grace said. <

"Probably not, I hope not," Will said.

Grace pointed to her coffee maker, "Cup of coffee?"

"Yes, please," Will said.

Grace took out a cup and poured him some, "Thanks," Will said.

"No problem,"

"Guys, we're competiting against The Showstoppers, The Troubletones and Jane Addams Academy. We're in really big trouble now," Mr. Schuester said.

"You can say that again,"

"So this means that we have to bring it, so I'm settling auditions for the solo for Sectionals, none of the girls actually agreed to While My Guitar Gently Weeps to be our solo performance,"

"But that's not fair! I've been looking forward to sing that song for Sectionals," Daniel yelled

"Sorry, guys, but I'm settling auditions for the solo, I'll ask Ms. Pillsbury to type up the sign-up sheet,"

Chuck looked, This could be my chance, to finally sing a song I always wanted to sing, this could finally be my chance,

Daniel looked at Chuck, He think he's gonna get this solo for Sectionals, ha, he must have had his head in the clouds, it is so on.

Anna raised her hand, "Mr. Schue, what will be our group song?"

"Um, I was thinking a bit of Mika, "We Are Golden", it kind of shows how the Glee Club is now,"

Everyone nodded. A.J. looked down, as of knowing that he would be moving in 3 days. "You OK, A.J.?" Rick patted A.J's back.

"Not really, I'm gonna miss you guys so much,"

Rick looked down, Daniel sighed and looked down.

"Don't worry guys, you guys will do good without me anyway, I know it,"

"That's impossible, you have one of the most intriguing voices in the club," Anna said.

"Thanks, guys, but I wish you guys the best,"

A.J. started to cry, "I would still be here if I didn't have to move to California."

"California is nice, congratulations, A.J.!" Claira said sarcastically.

"Claira, shut the hell up, I'd be glad I'm leaving anyway so I don't have to be in this club with you," A.J. said. "Oh, I feel so admired!" Claira said.

"Claira, I've been kind of annoyed with your attitude lately too." Mr. Schuester said.

"I agree, I think you should clean up your act," Chanel said.

"Since when are you guys the boss of what I do?" Claira said.

"Claira, chill out, they're doing their job as glee club directors," Elizabeth said.

"Shut up, Tinkerbell!" Claira said.

"And how about you shut up, before I attack you just like Anna did the other day!" Elizabeth said.

Everyone were like "Ooooooooh," and Anna chuckled a little bit.

"She didn't attack me, she just pulled my hair, she's a punk," Claira said.

"Um, excuse me, I'm right here!" Anna yelled out. "I don't really care where you are, sweetheart," Claira said back.

"You know, the fact that you just smooched my boyfriend, and made it like he started the kiss, that makes you a skank,"

Chuck was completely in shock when Anna said that, Chuck started to smile a bit.

"I was born a skank, and I didn't even start the kiss!" Claira said.

Everyone laughed, "You know, as bad as I want to just attack you, I won't, because no one can't fess up and say who started the kiss," Anna said.

"My gosh, who started the kiss so we can get this over with!" Daniel said.

It was complete silence.

"You know what, fine, I started the kiss, OK, you happy now, how about a round of applause, anyone?" Claira walked out of the choir room.

Chuck walked in the hallway to the sign up sheet for auditions for the solo at Sectionals, he wrote his name on the paper. Daniel walked to him, "Well, Charlie Brown, I see you're auditioning for the solo,"

"Yeah, are you?"

"Probably, why you ask?"

"I'm just curious, you wouldn't be standing here acting strange,"

He walked away from the sign up sheet and Daniel followed him.

"Look, A.J's leaving 2 days and the only boys remaining are you, me, Charlie and Rick. Since there are more girls, don't you think they should get the solo this year for Sectionals?"

"Absolutely not, this is what I have always wanted, to sing in front of an audience. If I can't ge that, then I don't know what I would do."

Daniel scoffed.

He walked back to the sign up sheet and signed his name.

"Unfortunately, someone just signed up and you have big competition!" Daniel patted Chuck's back, smiled and walked away.

Chuck shook his head and chuckled.

In the auditorium, Mr. Schuester and Chanel sat in the auditorium chairs. Mr. Schuester called out the first name on the paper, "Chuck! You're up first,"

Chuck walked up to the stage with confidence and bravery.

"I'll be singing Down by Jason Walker,"

The music started to play. Chuck began to sing, "I don’t know where I’m at, I’m standing at the back and I’m tired of waiting. Waiting here in line, hoping that I’ll find what I’ve been chasing. I shot for the sky, I’m stuck on the ground. So why do I try, I know I’m gonna fall down. I thought I could fly, so why did I drown? Never know why it’s coming down, down, down. I'll never know why it’s coming down, down, down.Oh I am going down, down, down, can’t find another way around, And I don’t want to hear the sound, of losing what I never found.

Daniel was looking at his performance, with intimidation and depression.

"I shot for the sky, I’m stuck on the ground, so why do I try, I know I’m gonna fall down, I thought I could fly, so why did I drown?, I'll never know why, it’s coming down, down, down."

Chuck ended his performance, and Chanel and Will gave Chuck a round of applause, then Chuck bursted into tears, after he thought about Anna.

"Are you OK, Chuck?" Chanel said.

"I'm sorry, it's just hard for me right now, I'm sorry, guys," Chuck said.

"It's about Anna?" Will said.

Chuck nodded, "I really miss her,"

Anna was overhearing his words outside of the auditorium and she looked down.

"I understand, everything's gonna be fine,"

Chuck walked away from the stage, and Mr, Schuester called out Daniel.

Daniel had a sad expression on his face, as he felt a bit bad for Chuck.

"Hey, Dan, what are you gonna sing for us today?" Chanel said.

"I'm gonna sing Let It Be,"

Will nodded.

The music began to play and depression was written all over Daniel's face.

"When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be."

Daniel then started to sing from the heart, "Let it be, let it be, ..... And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me, shine until tomorrow, let it be. I wake up to the sound of music, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Let it be, let it be, there will be an answer, let it be. Let it be. Let it be, let it be, let it be, whisper words of wisdom, let it be," He ended the performance, and everyone started to clap, Chuck was intrigued, but he was confident that was getting a solo for Sectionals.

"Great job, Daniel. You and Chuck will know the results tomorrow,"

Daniel walked away from the stage, and whispered, "You did a great job," to Chuck.

Chuck whispered back, "You did too,"

A.J. was packing up stuff in the living room in his house and putting them in boxes. He sighed. His mom came to him, "Hey, A.J." A.J. looked at her and turned back down. "Look, I know you're angry with me about us moving to California, but when we get there, you might like it," A.J. looked at her, "Mom, do you know that I actually found someone that understands me? A boyfriend, I made tons of friends, and now you want to ruin my opportunity,"

"I wasn't ruining your opportunity, I actually didn't know you were dating nor I didn't even know you were in a darn glee club, why haven't you told me this?"

"I just didn't know the right time to tell you that I was dating, since you already know that I'm gay and I'm just going through something,"

"I'm still not really pleased that you are gay,"

"Well, Mom, deal with it, if you can't deal with the fact that I am gay, then you aren't really a good mother,"

"Watch it, young man, I have been taking care of you since birth, how dare you say that?"

"I know you have been taking care of me, but you haven't been supporting me, why can't you accept the fact that I am gay?"

"I just can't right now, OK, it's like you need a father figure,"

"To do what, pressure me up? Rough housing, you know I'm sensitive!"

"Sometimes, you have to get out of that stage, A.J."

"No, Mom, you should stop thinking about yourself all of the time," A.J. said.

"Excuse me?" His mom was in shock.

"Mom, you didn't even think about if I wanted to move to California, you never even asked. When I was little, I wanted this, everything had to go your way all of the time, ever since Dad died, you've completely changed to a whole different mom,"

"That is not true!"

"It is true, what did you do so bad to make Dad leave, huh? And kill himself?"

"I'm not telling you,"

"Tell me, Mom,"

"I CAN'T" Mom said, she yelled and bursted into tears.

"Why, why is it so hard to hide secrets from me?"

"You're too young to understand this, A.J."

"I'm 16, Mom, I think that I should know,"

Mom started to cry a bit, she sniffled and started out with, "You were only 5 years old, I just, I just was so sad, when your dad was diagnosed with cancer. I tried, I really tried, A.J. I tried to help him out, but he just didn't want any help. Two days later, he seemed.. seemed very careless about his situation,"

A.J. shed a tear.

"And .. he just couldn't stop smoking, he just completely blacked out, I didn't know what to do, so I just... I let him die, A.J.,"

A.J. started to cry worse. "Why? Why, Mom?"

"That was the biggest mistake I have ever did in my whole life, A.J., so that's why I have been acting the way I have been acting, I just want to give you the best in life,"

"Mom, I don't need anything else in the world, but you, someone to love me and friends, I need someone to support me, I'm better at where I am now, I don't want to go to California, now everyone in Glee Club is sad, not only because they're losing members, but they're gonna miss me when I go,"

His mom sighed.

"I'm just devastated at this point, I don't want to leave my boyfriend, I don't want to leave all the people I just made friends with, 2 years ago, I never had any friends, I don't want to do that all over again in California,"

His mom hugged him, "I'm so sorry baby, I really love you,"

A.J. sniffled and let go of Mom, they both wiped the tears out of their eyes,

"So, who's this guy?"

A.J. and his mom laughed, "His name is Rick, he's really sweet,"

Mom smiled, "Look, A.J., I'm so sorry for not supporting you, from now on, I'm gonna support you throughout,"

"Wait, so we're not going to California," A.J. said.

Mom nodded, "No, what you said has gotten to me, and I don't want you to feel unhappy when we move, so, we're staying,"

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" A.J. hugged her.

"But there's one exception," Mom said.

"I want to see you perform one day,"

"Actually, Sectionals is tomorrow,"


A.J. nodded. "I would love to be there,"

"Uh, I don't know about that,"

"Oh, come on, I know it won't be bad,"

A.J. thought about it, and smiled. "OK."

The next morning, the glee club was in the choir room, and suddenly A.J walks in the choir room. "Hey, A.J." "I have great news guys," A.J. said. "What is it?" Daniel said.

"I'm not moving!"

Everyone cheered and hugged him, Daniel was relieved, and Rick kissed him on the cheek.

A.J. smiled.

"You guys, me and my mom talked it out, and it turns out that everything is gonna be OK!"

Someone walks in, "Guys, your bus is here!"

"OK, guys, are you ready?" Mr. Schuester said.

"Let's kick some ass!" Anna yelled. Claira smiled, and the others cheered.

Outside, everyone got on the bus, and some were nervous, Emma decided to go with the club, some were nervous about it now, after realizing they were up against 3 clubs. The bus driver was driving. Later on, they all arrived at the building, they all got out the bus and arrived. Mr. Schuester was looking around, and then he spotted Bryan Ryan coming his way. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Will Schuester," Bryan said.

"Bryan Ryan? What are you doing here?" Will smiled. "Wait, you didn't know? I direct one of your rival groups!" "Wait, what?" "Surprise, right? I decided to do something different with my life, I mean, you know, I decided to direct a glee club, just like you,"

He smiled, "Well, I wish you guys the best of luck,"

"I do too, see you guys," He walked away and waved.

In the sectionals auditorium, the music started to play, and the first group up was the Showstoppers. Patch Evans, a member of the group, began the song with, "Me not working hard? Yeah, right! Picture that with a Kodak Or, better yet, go to Times Square Take a picture of me with a Kodak. Took my life from negative to positive, I just want y'all know that. And tonight, let's enjoy life. The Showstoppers. That's right." Gunner performed, "Tonight I want all of you tonight, give me everything tonight. For all we know we might not get tomorrow. Let's do it tonight" A girl from the club performed, "Don't care what they say. All the games they play. Nothing is enough. Til they handle love" "I want you tonight" "I want you tonight, I want you to stay, I want you tonight" "Grab somebody sexy, tell 'em hey, Give me everything tonight, Give me everything tonight, Give me everything tonight, Give me everything tonight" Everyone clapped to the rhythm while they performed, then Patch performed, "Reach for the stars, And if you don't grab 'em, At least you'll fall on top of the world, Think about it, Cuz if you slip, I'm gon' fall on top yo girl (hahaa), What I'm involved with is deeper than the masons. Baby, baby, and it ain't no secret, My family's from Cuba, But I'm an American Idol, Get money like Seacrest, Put it on my life, baby, I make you feel right, baby, Can't promise tomorrow. But, I promise tonight, Dale."

Gunner sings, "Tonight I want all of you tonight. Give me everything tonight, For all we know, we might not get tomorrow. Let's do it tonight. The girl sings, "Don't care what they say, All the games they play, Nothing is enough, Til they handle love, I want you tonight, I want you to stay, I want you tonight" As they performed the chorus, the performance got a bit racy, the judges felt uncomfortable, as it ended they clapped, some of them.

Next up was Jane Addams Academy, Grace sat next to Mr. Schuester to watch the performance.

"And now, let's give a round of applause to Jane Addams Academy!" Everyone clapped. The girls started to sing,"Uhm, hello, can we get the party started, yeah!, Uhm, hello, can we get the party started..." "I'm the fireball, I'm the fireball, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball, I'm the fireball, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball, I'm the fireball, I'm the fire, Fire, fire, fire" Aphasia started to sing, "Since I landed here, I gon' phone up Obama, Shook the world up, now I caused a little drama, Leader of the new school, and yes I'm gonna light up the block to the stage When I wanna. Brighter than the stars, now I head on the curb, don't got to walk it out, jigga walk with the splur. Levitating in my moment, suit me with the fur, I'ma rock the world till they're following her," The girls were dancing as they were singing, "I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire. I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire, I'm the fire," Judi started to rap, "Ay yo, Aphasia, didn't I just see you in China, you're real major, even though you're a minor, your daddy DON'T keep you in designer, you not gully gully gully gully gully, na na," Aphasia realized Judi changed the words, "Oh no she didn't!" She went to Judi and pushed her, Judi pushed her back. Aphasia took off her earrings, and then a huge fight was on stage, then security came out, and then the girls were all in the fight. Grace and Will were shocked. They said, "Oh my god," in unison. As the fight stopped, Judi said, "I got the voodoo for you, Aphasia!" "The voodoo, whateva, you are the voodoo, you a curse!" "Oh no she didn't!" She started speaking voodoo, She tried to get to her, and the security wouldn't let her. <

As everything cooled down, the host called out the next group, The Troubletones.

The music started to play, and Shawn went to the microphone.

"No excuses, you don’t need to explain. No apologies, I’m over all the pain. I pulled myself up again. Out of the flames, I made it through, I’m officially over you. Thought I was the one who’s gonna crumble and fall. Thought I was done, but there ain’t nothing at all. I can’t overcome, no, no. I bounce back, It ain’t the first time that I’ve been knocked off my feet. Won’t be the last time that I find an inner strength in me, So if you thought that I would break down and cry. Baby you don’t even know me, I bounce back. I’ll be stronger than I ever was before, ever better now, I already closed the door. Was caught in the eye of the storm. Still I made my way home. Bet you never thought that I would bounce back, oh… I bounce back, oh…, Im stronger than I ever was. You can’t hold me down because... I bounce back, It ain’t the first time that I’ve been knocked off my feet. Won’t be the last time that I find an inner strength in me, So if you thought that I would break down and cry. Baby you don’t even know me. I bounce back,"

Everyone clapped for the group, Shawn took a bow, he was so proud that he finally had a chance to perform in front of an audience.

Later in the green room with New Directions. "Gosh, we got big competition, I really want you guys to give your all, we're the last ones, and we just have to bring it."

"Mr. Schuester, we haven't found out who's gonna get the solo, me or Daniel," Chuck said.

"Well, actually, neither of you got the solo," Mr. Schuester said.

Chuck and Daniel looked at each other,

"I decided to give the solo to A.J."

A.J. was in shock, he thought about his mother after that, "Thanks, Mr. Schue,"

"You earned it, we were really scared," Mr. Schuester said.

A.J. smiled. "Guys, we have to bring it, I'm pretty proud of you guys, we're only down to 10 members still, so, we have to impress the judges." Will said.

Mr. Schuester put his hand in the middle, then everyone put out their hands, "1, 2, 3, New Directions!"

"And now, last but not least, their 4th time being here, please welcome, New Directions!" Everyone clapped. A.J. walked near the stage, everyone clapped, it was quiet, his heart was racing, he saw his mother, and his heart was beating more, he took a deep breath, and the piano began to play. "I've been walking in the same way as I did and missing out the cracks in the pavement, and tutting my heel and strutting my feet. "Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I could call? No, and thank you, please madam, I ain't lost, just wandering"" "Round my hometown, memories are fresh. Round my hometown, ooh, the people I've met. Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world. Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders and now, I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque. I love it to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades. I like it in the city when two worlds collide. You get the people and the government. Everybody taking different sides. Shows that we ain't gonna stand, shows that we are united, shows that we ain't gonna take it. Shows that we ain't gonna stand, shows that we are united.." "Round my hometown, memories are fresh. Round my hometown, ooh, the people I've met. Oooohh de de de de de, oooohhhh, de de de de,"

A.J's mom smiled as she heard his voice, A.J. was vocalizing and the glee club were smiling, Then after that, the glee club the boys walked to the right of the stage, and the girls walked to the left of the stage, and the drums started to play and the song got more intense. "Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world, Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders of my world, Of my world, yeah, of my world, of my world, yeah" The song ended, and everyone clapped. Everyone smiled with the rowdy round of applaused. A.J. introduced the next song, "Ladies and Gentleman!, New Directions!" Charlie yelled out, "1, 2, 3, 4!" Everyone sang, "Teenage dreams in a teenage circus, running around like a clown on purpose. Who gives a damn about the family you come from? No givin' up when you’re young and you want some." Everyone started dancing, Grace, Will and Chanel were backstage watching and they were smiling, "Running around again (Running around again), Running from running. Running around again (Running around again), Running from running." Chuck started out the song with "Waking up in the midday sun. What’s to live for? You could see what I’ve done. Staring at emotion, in the light of day. I was running from the things that you’d say," Charlie yelled out, "We are not what you think we are, We are golden, we are golden" Everyone else said, "We are not what you think we are, We are golden, we are golden"

The glee club did the performance, and everyone in the audience were impressed, even the judges. Then, Addison sung, "Now I’m sitting alone. I’m finally looking around, Left here on my own. I’m gonna hurt myself, maybe losing my mind. I’m still wondering why. Had to let the world let it bleed me dry."

Charlie yelled out, "We are not what you think we are, We are golden, we are golden" Everyone else did the same, and then A.J. did riffs and Daniel did the same, "We are not what you think we are, We are golden, we are golden" Everyone gave New Directions a round of applause, and then A.J. gave Rick and Daniel a hug. Chuck and Anna, slightly gave each other a hug, Anna made a move. "I miss you," Anna said.

"Thanks for believing me," Chuck said.

"I'm sorry for accusing you," They kissed and hugged again.

The judges were in the room. "That first group sucked, in my opinion!" The first judge said.

"I disagree, they had really great talent,"

"The second group, I think, were just out of control,"

"I agree, it's like The Bad Girls Club Musical" "Now the last group, I believe, wasn't that bad either. I kind of like them, their first song was very deep,"

Every group was on the stage, and the host had the results.

"OK, guys, we've seen a lot of performances, one was just a riot but, oh well,"

"So, 4th place, drumroll please!"

"..........................Jane Addams Academy!"

The club were looking angry and they all looked at Aphasia.

"Placing 3rd place! ............................ The Showstoppers!"

Bryan Ryan was infuriated, "What?!"

"And now, the winner of this year's sectionals is.........."

It stops, and then, Addison sings, as it stops to the auditiorium.

"Na na na na, na na na na. Yeah. You are the music in me. You know the words once upon a time, makes you listen. There's a reason"

Addison and Anna sings, "When you dream, there's a chance you'll find a little laughter, or happy ever after."

Chuck and Anna sing together, "Your harmony to melody, is echoing inside my head, a single voice above the noise, and like a common thread,"

Chuck sings, "Mm, you're pulling me,"

The song stopped, and it went back to the results, "New Directions!"

Everyone was cheering and the glee club was going wild, the trophy was handed to them, and Shawn was clapping for them. He smiled.

Anna sings, "When I hear my favorite song, I know that we belong"

Chuck sings, "Oh, you are the music in me, Yeah it's living in all of us"

Anna and Chuck sings, "And it's brought us here because you are the music in me, na na na na, na na na na, yeah, you are the music in me,"

Anna and Chuck sing the bridge, "Together we're gonna sing, We've got the power to sing, What we feel, connected and real, Can't keep it, All inside, Ohh Yeah"

Then the whole glee club came out and they sang, "Na na na na, na na na na, na na na na, na na na na, you are the music in me," twice. </small></small></small></small>

They all sang the chorus, and they all were dancing, and Mr. Schuester and Chanel were watching the performance, but then, it shows Shawn walking to Mr. Schuester's office,

The song ends. "Mr. Schuester," Shawn said.

"Yes?", Mr. Schuester said.

"I'd like to talk to you about Glee Club,"

Mr. Schuester smiled in shock.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Down Jason Walker Chuck Salvatore
Let It Be The Beatles Daniel Mick
Give Me Everything Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo The Showstoppers
Fireball Willow Smith feat. Nicki Minaj Jane Addams Academy
Bounce Back Charice Shawn Dawson and The Troubletones
Hometown Glory Adele A.J. Riley and New Directions
We Are Golden Mika New Directions
You Are the Music in Me Cast of High School Musical 2

Guest StarsEdit

Special Guest StarsEdit

  • Eve as Grace Hitchens
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan
  • Idina Menzel as Shelby Corcoran

Guest StarsEdit

  • Constance Marie as Angelique Riley
  • Jenna Ushkowitz as Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Judith Jackson as Judi Jaiho
  • Dot-Marie Jones as Sheldon Beiste
  • Jayma Mays as Emma Pillsbury
  • Jesse McCartney as Gunner White
  • TBA as Patch Evans


  • Telisha Shaw as Aphasia


  • This is an episode that has the most songs on it.
  • The episode brings back season 1's Grace Hitchens and Bryan Ryan.
  • Bryan decided to direct The Showstoppers.
  • Aphasia returns, which actually means that she has been left back.
  • Tina returns.
  • Patch Evans is a member of The Showstoppers.
  • This might be the longest episode written due to the number of songs included.