Triangle Of Love
Season One, Episode Four
First Aired October 19, 2011
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Triangle Of Love is the fourth episode of the first season of ClevanOTP's fanfiction: Glee: The New Years. It aired on October 19, 2011.

Daniel sparks a rivalry with A.J. over their attraction to Rick, and this causes him to choose, but who will it be? Meanwhile, Claira is forced to join New Directions in order to pay off her punishment for her evil deeds at McKinley High School, and Elizabeth develops a crush on Charlie.


Mr. Schuester meets up with Claira, who still doesn't seem interested in joining Glee Club, but is definitely forced to do so when Mr. Schuester tries to blackmail her into approving, when she does, Schuester's request for her is to audition with a song, but Claira doesn't like to do it in front of people, and Mr. Schuester declares that she should change her act and face her fear, and randomly, Claira sees a sexual attraction to Mr. Schuester, but then lets it go.

A.J. is still heated with the fact that Rick and Daniel are "dating," when he approaches Rick, he seems very disappointed in the fact that he hasn't told him anything about it, admitting that he was wanting to hang out with him. In shock, suddenly, Rick pulls in for a kiss. Rick stated that he and Daniel aren't dating at all, and he was confused with what was going on and what Daniel was doing. Rick admits he has feelings for A.J., and he felt this way since the first auditions, and was torn, due to the fact that he was scared to turn Daniel down due to his sensitive ways, Rick and A.J. are finally named a couple.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Complicated Avril Lavigne Claira Kingston
Hair Lady Gaga Cheyenne McLarson
Forever Young Alphaville Elizabeth Moore
Beautiful Soul Jesse McCartney Rick Castello
Crush David Archuleta Daniel Mick and A.J. Riley
Parachute Cheryl Cole New Directions

Guest CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester


  • Josh Sussman as Jacob Ben Israel
  • TBA as Unnamed Head Cheerleader #1
  • TBA as Unnamed Head Cheerleader #2